poor man locker poor man lockerPoor Man Locker

THE Uniform Organizer
for the Uniform Rental Industry

Made in the USA

made in us

from aNew Enterprise LLC, Kansas City, MO

About Poor Man Locker

Great way for sorting and organizing rental customer uniforms. No matter the size of the account, it could be just several or several thousand employees.

band uniform organizerMake it easy for your route salespeople to locate each uniform wearer’s place.

Minimal cost and space compared to buying and installing metal lockers to organize your customer uniforms.

Rental customers love the ease in finding and keeping their uniforms neat and organized.

Made from heavy gauge galvanized wire frame with a pre-painted aluminum plate for long-lasting use.


  1. Print customer name on mailing label.
  2. Attach label on metal plate.
  3. Place Poor Man Locker on closet rod.
  4. Hang the clean customer's uniforms on the Poor Man Locker.
  5. Sit back and smell the roses. You just made your customer and route salesperson happy!